Rechargeable Magnetic LED Light

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  • WIRELESS INSTALLATION: Enjoy the freedom of wireless installation, making it hassle-free and versatile. Easily place the light wherever you need it without dealing with complicated wiring.
  • FLAGSHIP BATTERY LIFE: Say goodbye to frequent recharging. The flagship battery ensures an extended battery life, providing you with long-lasting, reliable lighting whenever you need it.
  • INTELLIGENT TIMING: Experience intelligent timing features that add to the efficiency of the light. Set it to turn on or off at specific times, adapting to your schedule and enhancing energy savings.
  • FRONT INFRARED SENSOR: No need to worry about smoke interference. The front infrared sensor ensures sensitivity and accuracy, making it a reliable choice for various applications.
  • TWO DIMMING METHODS: Take control of your lighting experience with two dimming methods. Adjust the brightness to your liking, providing the perfect lighting conditions for any task.
  • ENERGY SAVING EFFICIENCY: With a remarkable lighting efficiency of 30%, this LED light is designed for optimal energy savings. It filters and diffuses light layer by layer, illuminating your kitchen or workspace efficiently.
Rechargeable Magnetic LED Light

Rechargeable Magnetic LED Light